Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi Qigong to help reduce stress - all you need is 10 mins a day

Feel capable and empowered to approach life with more joy and less stress.

Ready to make a positive change?

Low Energy Levels?

Are lifes’ ups and downs taking their toll on your energy levels? Balance the energy physically, mentally and emotionally with 10 Tai Chi Qigong practice sessions.

Stiff & Tense?

Feeling inflexible in your mind and body? Gently ease tension with yoga. Relax, renew and re-energize with these 10 practice sessions.

Mind Always Racing?

Feel like your mind is constantly on the go? These 8 meditation practice sessions will help clear the busyness. Feel the focus and clarity. Create space for something new.

Need some R&R?

These extra two TLC practice sessions are perfect for those times when you just need total relaxation and rejuvenation.


I can't wait to be your guide

Through my teaching I hope to share these powerful tools in a way that is meaningful to you. I aspire to create a safe and accessible learning environment so that you have the support you need to discover your unique path to joyful living.

I'm recognized as a Certified Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and under the guidance of Sifu Wing Cheung of the Tai Chi Qigong and Feng Shui Institute I've trained as a Level 2 Tai Chi Qigong Instructor.

One-time fee of only $48.97

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What's Inside?

The 30 easy to follow and inspiring video sessions include yoga, tai chi qigong and meditation for a well-balanced program.

Have fun with the many ways to mix and match the sessions.

Stay inspired and motivated by combining the sessions or simply follow the course sequence.

Imagine how fabulous you will feel when you ease into your day with yoga, energize in the afternoon with tai chi qigong, relax with guided meditation to prepare for a good nights’ sleep.

Unlimited access means no deadlines to complete the course.

Enjoy working at your own pace.

Perfect for Beginners

The Daily 10 Minute program makes it easy to succeed.

Expert guidance through each session. No need to worry about what to do.

Follow the tips to modify to suit your level.

Feel confident that you will have the tools to be an active participant in supporting your optimal mental, spiritual and emotional health. This confidence will reflect into all aspects of your life.

You are not alone. I am here to support your journey. Quickly receive answers to any questions.


What people are saying...

"When COVID hit, my aquafit classes shut down. It was the only form of exercise I thought I could do because of injuries and arthritis. I was wrong. Linda’s 10 minute Qigong sessions were a life saver. I didn’t have to leave the safety of my house and I could fit ten minutes into my day quite easily.

My balance has improved, my mind is relaxed, and I can adjust the movements to what my body can handle. I go at my own pace and often do a couple of sessions each day.

Thanks to you Linda, I have managed to stay active in these crazy times."

Sue W.

"Just finished my 1/2 hr Qigong, Yoga, Meditation. It was a lovely combination that really flowed from one to the other.

Thanks very much for the leg stretches. I always enjoy them."

Peggy M.

"I am finding the 10 minute meditation an important part of my self care routine .

I look forward to listening to you guide me through the process. It is comforting to hear a familiar voice each day. Many thanks 😊"

Gail K.

Get started today for a one-time fee of only $48.97

I'm ready!

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All yoga and qigong instruction is not a substitute for proper medical care. Yoga Therapy, Yoga Instruction and Qigong Instruction is not diagnostic and Chanvar and its associates do not claim to make any such diagnosis and/or make any definite statement as to the prognosis for applying yoga or qigong practices.

Live Joyfully and Passionately

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